File-URL & Search Keyword

Input-open "File-URL" or web search "Keywords".

"Input Role" option box allows to manually select the type of "role" that the input will act on.


文件-URL & 搜索关键词


Select input "Role", and then enter to deal with "content" represent the characters.

Input Role

Input can act as a "Role" type, including: search, voice, rank, Deep Web

Text Input Box

Here, allows enter to deal with "content" represent the characters.


Clean up the "Input Box" text content.


Open File

Click to popup the "Open File" dialog box, open the existing files.


Open Dir

Click to popup the "Open Directory" dialog box, open an existing directory.



Click to open the "File-URL" or enable Web Search "Keyword".



Click to "Close" the window.


Mouse "Right-Click Menu"

Click on the "right mouse button" to show the popup menu.

Quick Start

Click on "Popup" the quick start tutorial official webpage.